We built Boro to help people save money so they can do more of what they love.

Boro Your Outfit in Just 3 Simple Steps

Borrow the Outfit

Borrow the Outfit

Build your outfit and have it delivered or pick it up. You choose if you want it for 4 days or 10 days. Only pay if it fits.

Own the Moment

Own the Moment

Own moments, not things. Rock your Boro outfit and stand out from the crowd.
Dance, drink, enjoy the big day!
Return and Review

Return and Review

Our team will swing by on your return date to collect the garments or you can drop it off at our showroom. We take care of the cleaning.
Question 100% Money Back Guarantee on all Orders
AnswerWorried that the garment you want won’t fit? Boro’s 100% fit guarantee has got your back. Learn more >here<

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Look Killer and Don't Kill the Planet

Say No to Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is the second largest pollutant to the earth, next to oil. When you buy from companies who focus on selling more products at a cheaper price, you are contributing to the problem, not the solution. How you allocate your money is a voice for what you believe in. Quality > quantity, always.

Add Life to Your Garments

People continue to throw away clothing that can otherwise have its life extended. Reusing or sharing instead of immediately replacing it with something new is an act of love toward your clothes and your community. Let’s shift away from planned obsolescence and throw-away wardrobes.

Access is the New Ownership

Access has become the new ownership – Uber for cars, Airbnb for housing, Netflix for movies, and Boro for wardrobes. We believe ownership of memories and moments is far more valuable than tangible items. Help us create a society where access to high-quality clothing is the norm.